01 December, 2020

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Revised guidelines for MAPC synopsis Submission

11 June, 2020

 Revised Guideline for online synopsis submission for MAPC programme

Due to the pendemic conditions during COVID-19 a new platform has been created for online synopsis submission for learners re-registered for second year of the programme till January 2020 session. Read the below files for detailes instructions and submit the synopsis (MS WORD file)  accordingly on the link given below. Choose the guide from the list (Approved guide under Regional centre, Jammu) given below for the project and submit the synopsis on below google form using your Email.

The online link for submission of Synopsis for MAPC students is as follows:-



Last date: 30/June/2020

Note: You also have to upload the copy of online gradecard also; regarding completion of MPC 005 and MPC 006

See link https://gradecard.ignou.ac.in/gradecardR/Result.asp for grade card.


List of approved guide for MAPC programme